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2016 Irlande (6 photos)
2016 Percent(6 photos)

Photos transmises par Mme ALET B.


from 20th March to 25th March 2016

* On Sunday 20th March at 11 :45pm we left Thionville. The atmosphere on the coach was very good. We laughed a lot, we sang and played together. It was rather hard to sleep but everyone was in a good mood ! We arrived in Calais early in the morning and we took the ferry to cross the Channel. I liked the ferry because there were shops, cafeterias and it was great. When we arrived in London, the weather was very nice. Everyone was tired but I really loved the guided tour. In the evening we met our English family. I was with Ambre, Nina, Ana and Steren. We stayed at Mrs Fiona Cassidy’s. She was very nice and she had a sweet home. London is a beautiful and amazing city ! I loved Brighton too ! It is an amazing city too ! I loved the time we spent there and I was really happy to eat the fish and chips at the pub. It was delicious ! My favourite visits were « The Harry Potter Making Of », « The London Eye » and « Mme Tussaud’s Museum ».I really enjoyed that trip ! I was really happy to be there ! I loved the monuments, the people, the food… It was a great experience !

by F. H., 4ème1.

* I found that trip very nice ! On the day of our departure I felt very excited ! On the coach I met a lot of people who became my friends. It was a good experience to travel by night with my friends. I had never been on a ship before so I looked forward to taking the ferry. During the crossing I felt seasick so I was a little sad. All the visits were great except the science museum which was too big. To me the best visit was « The Harry Potter Making Of ». It was incredible to see the props and the sets of the movie. I also liked the pub in Brighton where we ate their famous fish and chips. I usually don’t like fish but that meal was really delicious ! My English family was very friendly. Their house was cute and sweet. The woman was a very good cook. She ate with us so I had the opportunity to speak with her. I looked forward to going back to France to tell my family about that English adventure ! I will never forget that trip !

by C. L., 4ème2.

* We went to London in England from 20th March to 25th March. We left Thionville at 11 :45pm and on the next day (21st March) we arrived in England at about 8 :00am. We travelled by bus and we took the ferry to cross the Channel. On the first day we had a guided tour of London, we visited Mme Tussaud’s Museum and met our English family. On the second day, we had a cruise on the Thames from Tower Bridge to Westminster Pier. Then we had a ride on the London Eye. We visited the BBC studios. We went to Piccadilly Circus and to the MMs shop. On the third day we visited « The Harry Potter Making Of » and the Science Museum. On the fourth day we went to Brighton where we visited the Royal Pavilion and ate a fish and chips in a pub. We left England. We arrived in Thionville at 4 :00am on 25th March. I loved that trip because I had fun with my friends but the bus journey was very long.

by R. M., 4ème4.

* We went to London from 20th March to 25th March. On the first day, we had a guided tour of London. It was very interesting ! In the afternoon we visited Mme Tussaud’s Museum and I liked it. On the second day we had a cruise on the Thames from Tower Bridge to Westminster Pier. I liked it too ! Then we went to the London Eye. It was great ! In the afternoon we visited the BBC studios but I saw nothing special because we were late because of the traffic. On the third day we visited « The Harry Potter Making Of ». I loved it ! In the afternoon we visited the Science Museum where there were many things to see. On the fourth day we ate in an English pub in Brighton. In the afternoon we left England. I enjoyed the trip to London !

by P. N., 4ème5.

2017 Percent (20 photos)

Nos élèves lors de la journée du Percent...

Fermer  Photos Charlemagne
Angleterre 2015(19 photos)

Voyage pédagogique pour les élèves de Collège en Angleterre.


From 29th March to 3rd April 2015

.To me the trip was perfect ! The museum was interesting and beautiful. The choice of the visits was very good. I loved Harry Potter Making Of, the BBC, the London Eye and Mme Tussaud’s Museum ! But I didn’t like the English family except the mother. My friend and I were always alone for breakfast and dinner. The children ignored us and played tricks on us. For example, one morning, we found an ugly pink worm in the bathroom. It was scary but funny ! The teachers and the guides were very nice. I found English people eccentric and different from us.

To conclude, I will have nice memories of this trip ! We learnt and laughed a lot !

M. D.-A.

. The trip was great. I really enjoyed it. The visits were very interesting and funny. The weather was nice and clear. My favourite visit was the BBC studios because it was a different experience : we could see how people worked and the journalists live on TV. We also had the opportunity to do the same. It was a great experience ! The family where we stayed was not friendly but the house was clean and the meals were all right. It was also great that we had the chance to be with our friends in the same family. The bus drivers drove well. The ferry and the shuttle were safe even if I was a little sick.

All in all, the journey was fabulous ! I’m looking forward to experiencing another stay in England !

C. R.

(photos Mmes Defloraine - Mathecowicks )

Pendant la semaine du 18 au 22 mai 2015 s'est tenue la 2ème édition d'Incroyable Talent.

Des artistes en devenir ou accomplis se sont succédés sur scène pour de belles prestations.

Danseurs, chanteurs, dessinatrice...

Une belle mouture 2015 organisée par le CVL

Ireland 2015(10 photos)

Voyage pédagogique en Irlande du 28/03 au 03/04/2015 pour des élèves du lycée.

(photos de Jules Ghezzi)

Percent 2015(7 photos)

J-100 pour les élèves de Terminale avant le passage du Baccalauréat

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